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Do you ship puppies?

We do not ship puppies. It is very hard on the puppies to fly at such a young age and can be dangerous. We only have a small number of puppies each year and they are like part of our family so we prefer to sell them within driving distance. If you would like to fly to pick up your puppy and fly home with them in the cabin with you that is ok. Or if you hire a flight nanny to travel in the cabin with your puppy that is ok too.


Do you deliver?

We do not deliver puppies but will travel within an hour or two to meet you depending on our schedule.


When can puppies leave?

Puppies go home at 8 weeks unless otherwise discussed, a boarding fee of $25/day applies if held longer than 9 weeks.


What is included with the puppy?

Puppies are given their first round of shots at 7-8 weeks of age. They are examined by the vet at this time. They are dewormed with Panacur at 4, 6, and 8 weeks. Each puppy is given an AVID microchip. The chip will trace back to us as the purchaser but I will include information on how to register the chip in your name. Each puppy goes home with a clean blanket and stuffed animal that has been in with their mom. A sample of dog food is included and should be enough to last a week or enough to mix and transfer to a new food.


What food should we feed our puppy?

I feed all my dogs Eukanuba Lamb and Rice Medium Breed puppy. I recommend Eukanuba, Iams or Purina Pro Plan or any brand of dog food that is time tested. Dogs should never be fed grain free unless prescribed by your veterinarian. There is no legislation or agency responsible for dog food marketing and ethical food production. Marketing for many of the newer brands of dog food is not an accurate representation of what is actually nutritional for your dog.


Cavaliers and stool health.

As a breed, Cavaliers struggle with stool firmness and subsequently anal gland health. In order for a dog to be able to express their anal glands, the stool needs to be firm enough as it passes to naturally express the glands. I like Eukanuba because this food tends to give dogs firmer stools. I have used Boot Scoot anal gland chews with good success as well. Veterinarian produced probiotics are a helpful tool for gut health as well. Anal gland expression can be required sometimes as often as every 6 weeks.


Do you sell puppies with breeding rights/full registration?

Puppies are sold with limited AKC registration only. No breeding rights.


When can I visit my puppy?

Puppies can be visited in person anytime after 5 weeks. Weekly update photos will be sent to each person who’s placed a deposit.


Which brand of heart worm and flea prevention do you recommend?

I have always used Sentinel products and have never had a problem with fleas or other parasites.


Do you have any tips for potty training?

1. Crate train. Dogs love structure and they love having their own space or “den”. When you cannot be supervising your puppy they should be in a crate or a play pen. Do all the fun things in the crate to help them adjust. For example, they should be fed and watered and given treats inside their kennel until they get used to it. The crate should only be big enough for them to stand up and barely turn around so they don’t feel like they’d have enough space to stay out of their potty if they went in the kennel. If you purchase a kennel larger than this use large blankets or oversized stuffed animals to take up space in the kennel. If they cry in the crate for the first few days, whatever you do, do not let them out while they are still crying. I know this is hard! Haha! Wait until they are quiet and then reward the quiet and then let them out. If there is no period of quiet try a peanut butter Kong or bone and once they are occupied and quiet for 15 seconds then allow them out.

2. Limited scheduled feeding. Feed in am and in early evening. Until your puppy is consistent on potty training it’s easier to target potty breaks if you have them on a feeding and watering schedule.


3. Act a fool and give lots of praise and treats when they go potty outside.

4. While puppies are here they are used to going potty outside in a small playpen. You may want to purchase a small playpen for your yard if you find it easier this way. Puppies are encouraged early to have a “potty side” and “play/sleep side” in their play pen in the kitchen. They are taken out 5-6 times a day to potty in the outdoor pen. By the time they leave 90% of the puppies will be doing all their #2 outside. #1 is a little harder but done outside as well.


5. Give yourself and the puppy lots of grace. Potty training can be hard and time consuming. And if there is a regression go back to square one. Don’t feel guilty about crate time.


6. Hanging bells on the door have given a lot of people success. I have not used them but have heard others really like them.

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